Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet

The clients can avail from us Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet (PPGI), which comes with zinc-aluminum alloy coating. Due to this zinc alloy coating, these Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets are prevented from being corroded, if exposed to other metals in presence of air and water. Further, this coating increases the heat reflectivity and tolerance against tough weather conditions. Owing to their capability of protecting the steel against surface discoloration, these Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets are an ideal material for roofing in coastal areas.

We are a renowned firm engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet in India. These Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets are manufactured in compliance with the internationally approved parameters of quality using high-grade materials. For serving different purposes such as in roofing and cladding of various commercial and industrial buildings, Pre Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet is offered in different specifications at the market leading prices.

Features Advantages
Strength of Steel: VSR Colour on galvanised steel is using high quality hot metal made of most superior and environment friendly Corex technology. It offers several grades including high tensile steel with yield strength of 550 mpa to meet the needs of various specifications.
Paint Technology: VSR Colour on galvanised steel is available in a variety of paint systems like Regular Modified Polyester (RMP), Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), Poly Vinyldened Fluoride (PVDF) etc. The base metal has the first layer of primer coating on both top and bottom surface. This helps to have a superior adhesion with the paint system. The final paint coating provides additional protection to withstand harsh weather conditions. The superior coating technology resists cracking and peeling even during heavy forming operations, hence enhances life.
Corrosion Protection: Galvanized substrate is available in a wide zinc coating range (90 to 275 gsm) Superior coating quality provides excellent corrosion protection in various climatic conditions, hence enhances life.
Additional Protection: A thin organic low-density polythene film (30-40 microns) coating. It protects the sheet from transit and storage damage and lubricates the sheet surface during forming. This gives longer life & retention of appearance.
Formability & Aesthetics: Can be readily roll formed, bend, pressed, cut, drilled, lock seamed and stamped without sacrificing coating adhesion/ quality of paint. Easy formability and bending property opens new horizons to the architect's creativity. The wide range of colours provides options to the architect to customize requirements.
Convenience: The light-weight high strength steel. They are economical as they require lighter supporting structure and also reduces transportation costs. And they are virtually maintenance free.
Consistent Quality: Undergoes stringent quality control tests Ensures excellent performance in all weather conditions and hence enjoys trust & confidence of millions.
Thermal efficiency VSR Colour on roofing & cladding results in less heat radiation compared to other commonly used roofing materials. JSW Colour on when combined with insulation makes a cost effective, energy efficient roofing system.
Environment friendly VSR colour on galvanised steel has a long life and if eventually replaced, are recyclable without losing quality. The paint used to coat the base metal is also toxic free.

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